Sold vehicles


Scania P-124, 4x2 WD
1998 modell
Ford F 550 nyhet
Scania P-310 4x2 WD
2006 modell
VOLVO FLL 290.16 BAS-2
2015 MOD

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Additional Info

OneSeven® usages

One Seven® mobile systems

In our mobile systems, we have equipment for all potential applications.
Because of the size and capacity of the units will meet most needs.

The mobile systems are highly flexible and can be easily installed and transported in any vehicle.

OneSeven OS300T a

OS300 T med 200 liter tank.

OneSeven OS300T f

OS300 T with 200 liter tank.

OneSeven OS300T c

OS300 T with 200 liter tank.

 OneSeven OS300T d

OS300 T with 200 liter tank.

OneSeven OS300T e

OS300 T with 200 liter tank.

 OneSeven OS300T b

OS300 T with 200 liter tank.

OS300T liten

Mobil OS300 T (Easy to transport)
Available in two variants:
170 kg and 290 kg of water.


Motorcycle with OneSeven® OS300 T.


OS1200 T. Installation in the car or on a trailer.


Fire trucks with OneSeven ® installed.

industri bil

Industrial fire engine with OneSeven® in action.


Fire trucks with OneSeven ® OS2100 E installed.


Tunell fire truck with a OS3100 E.


HazMat GW-G (7.5 h) and Rapid Emergency car at the airport in Kabul.

Additional Info

First car with OneSeven ® OS2400E system in the Region.
Sold Averøy.

OS2400E System has twice 1 1/2 "outlets, one of which is connected to the remote turret on the front of the car. Featuring 7500 ltr. water tank system will be able to produce around 57,000 liters. with extinguishing agent, and if both outlets are run at full opening will it will take approx. 20 minutes before the car is empty. foam Supplies will be respectively 21 liters A foams or 35 liter B-foam.
This has little to say for a fire department in which access to the put out water is not always so easy. In addition, the system will lead to increased safety for workers, which would put out fires from the outside to a much greater extent with current equipment.
Volvo FL618
Volvo FL618 siden


Volvo FL-618, 4x2 WD

Model: 1996/2007.
Km.: 15000 mil.
Tank: 7500 liters.
Pump: optional.
Manual transmission.
Body and pump 2007 model.
Approved for transportation of drinking water.

5 under construction!

Volvo-FL 618 nytt

Additional Info

Sold to Henry J. Askvika Sons AS in Os Municipality.

This is an older car that's purchased by Osterøy fire and being rebuilt with Lift Service AS OneSeven® OS1200 PowerBox system. The firm Henry J. Askvika Sons AS is a boat company such as Stock plastic boat Boots. Henry J. Askvika Sons AS will cooperate with Os on the use of the car.


HPIM1247 solgt





Additional Info

Chevrolet G-30. Leased to Hunnebostrand municipality in Sweden.
With OneSeven® OS1200 PowerBox system.

Chevrolet-G30 0
Chevrolet-G30-001 Chevrolet-G30 043
Chevrolet-G30 044 Chevrolet-G30 045
Chevrolet-G30 046 Chevrolet-G30 047
Chevrolet-G30 048 Chevrolet-G30 050
Chevrolet-G30-010 Chevrolet-G30-015