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Scania P-124, 4x2 WD
1998 modell
Ford F 550 nyhet
Scania P-310 4x2 WD
2006 modell
VOLVO FLL 290.16 BAS-2
2015 MOD

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Additional Info

Sold J.E.Ekornes AS Ikornnes municipality.
OneSeven® OS1200 PowerBox system is built on a trailer.

The trailer must be connected to a truck that takes 9000 liters and with OneSeven system is 63,000 gallons extinguisher. This will be used by JE Ekornes AS (which is known for Stressless chair) in their new factory which is under construction and where it will be manufactured parts for furniture. It is not posted yet on the water plant and OneSeven trailer will ensure att company does not end up in the disability before the municipality has put out water at the site, which is about about. 2 years.

tilhenger-til-Ekornes solgt

Additional Info

Endowed with OneSeven® OS300T system, and Lukas rescue tool for the release of trapped people.

The car is registered as a passenger and can be operated with the card at. B.
The pictures below are from a start fires, where a house of 55 m2 was fully ablaze and was extinguished with this device at 3 min and 40 sec.

Husbranning Ramsdal 015

Husbranning Ramsdal 016Husbranning Ramsdal 020Husbranning Ramsdal 011Husbranning Ramsdal 014Husbranning Ramsdal 005Husbranning Ramsdal 013Husbranning Ramsdal 007Husbranning Ramsdal 006

Additional Info

Sold to Osterøy fire station.

Ford F-550 fire truck

Fire truck with OneSeven® OS1200 PowerBox. Future put out system.
Seating for 5 men (2 front and 3 rear). Water tank: 800 liters x 7 = 5600 liter extinguisher.
1 pc. complete rescue tools. 2 pieces. suits for surface rescue. 3 pcs. Non divers with equipment.
1 pc. defibrillators. 1 pc. exceed the ceiling. 1 pc. "Hansa-Board" for isredning. Heating with air conditioning for the crew, front and rear. Scene Light's outside the vehicle.

DSC 0033

DSC 0034DSC 0036

DSC 0037

DSC 0039

DSC 0040

Additional Info

Congratulations Osterøy fire station with the most powerful
multi car
- Also in relation to the price!!

The car has a 8000 liter water tank with OneSeven ® OS1900 system that provides 60,000 liters extinguishant!

Elkhart water cannon in bronze behind, with large capacity. In front, the car has foam cannon with great throw. High pressure hose and gun. Winch for rescue missions.

The car is made by requests from the fire department and is specially adapted to the local infrastructure.

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