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MB 1328 AT 4x4 WD
2007 modell

SCANIA P-124-G 8x4x4
37m 1998 modell
VOLVO FLL 290.16 BAS-2
2015 MOD

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We sell, install and rent One Seven extinguishing systems


Advantages of One Seven ® extinguishing systems
  • Uses very little water.

  • Works equally well with saltwater.

  • Resistant storage for 25 years.
    Works down to -19°.

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Low acquisition price. During the half of the competitors.

  • Can be installed in existing vehicles.

  • Super effective at curbing the temperature of the fire place. Attenuation Temperature: 10°/sec. or 600°/min.

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One Seven® is a highly efficient extinguishing media.


The homogeneous foam structure provides good insulation against radiant heat and prevents access to oxygen. The foam covers materials and works fast.


With OneSeven® you can meet put out:

  • Cars (flashover car - control after about 10-15 seconds)
  • Wood
  • Power Leading up to 35,000 volts (with only 4 m safety distance)
  • Fuel
  • Aluminum


We can supply One Seven® OS300,
OS1200, OS2400 or OS3100 systems.

oneseven 5

oneseven 7

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OneSeven® and the environment

The chemical effects of OneSeven® foam concentrate:

  • Harmless to health

  • Environmentally

  • Degradable

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One drop of water expands to 7 OneSeven® foam bubbles!